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Medica Ultimate Software has a surprisingly simple operational method, where get a quick results are just few clicks away.


Defining stock as per its composition of constituents, nature[Mfd.Dt/Exp.dt,etc.] trade policies its respective Batch Nos. is like childs play with Medica Ultimate.


Financial accounting of your business is one the chapaters Medica Ultimate would throughly cover for your Business needs .


Breaking the old traditional way of reporting in the software through menu options and reports generators, in Medica Ultimate.

Complete Business Solutions

Welcome to MEDICA Ultimate family. with medica ultimate every part of your business is ONE Screen. All your need related to Orders, Challans, Quotations, Invoices, with their auto reflaction in Accounts, Stock, Shchemes, Batch and all Books/registers upto finalization can be smartly managed with Medica Ultimate Software.

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Our Clients

Torero Softwares Limited Proud to work with Every Business Natures Customers who Become a Part of MEDICA Ultimate Software.

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Barcode - Invoice Tracing

Medica Ultimate software developers team recently launched new update with Barcode invoice tracking module and related reports. It helps you to find invoices positioning in your premises.

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Branch-wise Profitability

Now You Can Handle Your Business with Multi-Located Branches Inventory and Accounting in Medica Ultimate Software, with Location wise Stock Management and Accounting Profitability.

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Cloud Business

Worldwide Every Business Move to this New Cloud Technology. Most Advanced - More Powerful and 24x7 Uptime Business Guarantee. YES !! You Can Also Uptime Your Medica Ultimate Software 24x7 On Dedicated Cloud Hosting Servers with Required Configuration Plans.

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  • Objectives

    • to tap key sectors of business growth in various industries by providing ultimate industry specific software solutions.

  • Opportunities

    National benefits |- with Indian IT companies rising as worldwide leaders responsible for the IT revolution.

  • Vision

    • Customer Satisfaction • Rising as a top IT Solutions company rendering ultimate technological sense of quality to customers.

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Medica Ultimate has a surprisingly simple operational method, where results are just few clicks way. Quick user defined reporting of various registers, book of accounts and other statements puts a full stop to every need of any pharmaceutical distributors • retail pharmacy business.if you find something mission, INSTA REPORTS has open user friendly platform where you could make your could make your own formats with just few mouse clicks.
Financial Accounting of your business is one of the chapters MEDICA Ultimate would thoroughly cover for you. IN addition to basic books of accounts and finalization, you can now have Auto adjustment of special discounts offered of clients.check Item to item transaction wise profitability figures, have breakup of every TAX Paid item wise, setup suppliers as per their type and policies, and much more...
You can now freely play with your scheme management. Convert any Amount scheme to Quantity scheme and vice-versa. No need to pass any special entries to adjust stock or accounts for schemes. Be the decision maker of what scheme makes your items fast moving. Without tension, just think of profits. Complete picture of scheme balance in terms of quantity or amount can be obtained at a single click at any point of time.
Replacement Management : - Replacement of items could be simply mastered as per its issues from stock to suppliers and its respective receipts could be matched to issues. Medica Ultimate Software supports online receipt of replacement items through regular purchases with special TAG as "Against replacement". As far as tax matter is concerned Medica Ultimate Software Financials would automatically take care of it.



MEDICA™ Ultimate Software Run's On Single Executable File, no needs to Install or copy - paste any supportive files.

Import Purchase

MEDICA™ Ultimate - Easy to Enter Hundreds of Product Purchase Inventory in Single Click by Using Import Purchase Module.

Commission Pattern

MEDICA™ Ultimate – Salesmen Or Doctors Sales Commission Day/Week/Month Wise in Detail Or Summary Wise Normal & Grouping Reports.

Web Access

MEDICA™ Ultimate – Web Access Enabled, Access Your Real - Time Inventory, Accounting, Invoice Printing, Reporting From Anywhere.

Inventory Merge

MEDICA™ Ultimate – For Hospital & Surgical Suppliers Delivery Challan Printing & Direct Export to Sales Invoice Facility.

Business Loss

MEDICA™ Ultimate – Daily Basis Customer • Manufacturer • Product wise Quantity & Amount wise Loss Reports Due to Stock Not Available.

Resolution Independent

MEDICA™ Ultimate Software Runs On Any Kind of Monitor Screen's Resolution and Also Support High Resolution Projectors.


MEDICA™ Ultimate – Gives All Over India Base Income Tax Return Files Tax Reports With Different Types Of CST%, VAT%, SAT%, Tax Form's Detail & Summary.

Finance Shield

MEDICA™ Ultimate – Final Accounting Trial Balance + Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Reports Available with As - On date System.